Barbeque Cleaning

At Oven Cleaning Hounslow, we can help you keep your grill in a clean and tidy condition. We founded our company several years ago and since then we have become an etalon for quality, professionalism and dependability. We operate in full accord with the highest standards of the sanitation industry, so you can rest assured that choosing to work with us is the best decision that you can make about the maintenance of your BBQ.

We can clean grills of any type, size and shape

As professional sanitation specialists, we know perfectly how difficult it can be to remove grease and ash build-ups from a grill. This is why, we have invested heavily into the best cleaning machines. Our tools allow us to sanitise easily and promptly even the most tarnished and neglected barbeques. The type of your grill will not be an issue as our technical capacity allows us to clean gas, electric and charcoal BBQs. We can also maintain portable, domestic and commercial grills. The only thing that you have to do to benefit from our high quality barbeque services in Hounslow is to get in touch with us, and tell us when and where you want us to come.

Our prices are reasonable and will fit into your budget. Our Hounslow barbeque cleaning rates start from:

  • £45 for small rounded grills (less than 70 centimetres in diameter)
  • £65 for medium size grills (70 to 100 centimetres in diameter)
  • £83 for large grills (110 and above centimetres in diameter)

We calculate our services fees by taking into account the exclusive details of each sanitation project for which we are contacted. We also offer lucrative package deals with which you can take care of several cleaning tasks for an incredible price. You can learn more about our discounts and sanitation rates by contacting our friendly and helpful customer consultants. Once you get in touch with us, do not forget to ask for a personalised and free quote, so that you can see beforehand how much our assistance will cost you. Bear in mind that our quotations are final, so do not worry about hidden fees and taxes.

Easy and quick booking

Our agenda is flexible and always has free slots for new sanitation projects. We also carry out late night operations, which is highly appreciated by our clients as it means that we can provide them our first grade barbeque cleaning services in Hounslow after traditional work hours and therefore not disturb their daily routines. You can hire us by giving us a telephone call, sending us an e-mail or filling the online form that we have provided on our website. Know that we accept last minute bookings, so do not hesitate to contact us on a short notice, as we are ready to provide you the help that you need.